In the production of karinfraidenraij knitwear designs, particular attention is paid to meet the principles of sustainable production. This equally refers to social fairness, ecological awareness and high demands in terms on their own work. The basis for the high-quality knitwear designs is the wool of llamas and alpacas obtained from traditional breeding in the Andes highlands.

karinfraidenraij only cooperates with a few, carefully selected South American production facilities that act according to the same ethically and morally high-quality principles. In the cooperating factories, above-standard wages with legally regulated working hours are paid, voluntary overtime additionally. Employees are covered by insurance in the event of illness or injury, and contributions to old-age provision are made. In addition, attention is paid to prevention, such as using respirators when working with raw wool, and local habits of the population are respected. Bolivian cholas, for example, prefer to knit sitting on the floor.