Dolomite developed a trade campaign on shoe care and maintenance in line with its own CSR programme “Re-source by Dolomite”. Dolomite is committed to sustainability, but not only in terms of production and supply chain. It is also about promoting sustainable awareness among consumers.

A long life for our products also means that we take good care of them and maintain them as needed. In our own interest, but also in the course of sustainable action, we should not neglect shoe care in order to be able to use the shoes for as long as possible. Because the secret of keeping the functional and quality features of shoes unchanged for a long time lies in good care and cleaning.

Dolomite developed its own cleaning kit including a waterproofing cream and a waterproofing spray, which is available in specialist shops and in Dolomite’s online shop. Furthermore, four tutorial videos on proper shoe care were created, which are shown in specialist shops and on the company’s website, as well as retail displays explaining how to best care for your shoes.