Mont Blanc is a mountain of great fascination, not least because it’s the highest peak in the Alps between France, Italy and Switzerland. Until today, many people challenge themselves here by climbing up to the peak, thereby causing tremendous consequences for the environment – together with the climate change. The decline of the seventy glaciers of the massif as well as the pollution caused by man are only the most noticeable signs.

The SUMMIT FOUNDATION and the scientific association AQUALTI are currently carrying out the joint project “Clean Mont Blanc”. On the one hand, experts are collecting water samples in the Mont Blanc massif to analyse them for microplastics, and on the other hand, “Clean Up Days” are being organized, during which volunteers clean the mountain and the immediate surroundings from plastic waste and litter. Already on the first day, a total of 165 kg of trash was collected.

In line with its own sustainable project “Re-source by Dolomite”, it was an easy decision for Dolomite to support this activity financially and by equipping the volunteers with shoes and jackets.